Lake Clarke



Lake Clarke Shores Green Market

It’s easy for some Floridians to become immune to the soothing sounds of breaking waves, or the cooling sensations felt from a gentle evening breeze. But for the residents of Lake Clarke Shores, Florida these natural elements are impossible to forget. Lake Clarke Shores Green Market will soon play host to dozens of local farm vendors and handcrafted artisans each week. 


COMING SOON:  In early 2020, this picturesque, idyllic small town, will be getting a new kind of outdoor Green Market! A Market not meant for thousands but meant for dozens of friends, neighbors and colleagues.


Every Saturday From 8am to 1pm

Commencing Early 2020

Come experience a truly authentic Green Market where you can meet face to face with the farmers that grow the foods you’ll love to feed your growing family. Meet the artisans who hand make your favorite jewelry pieces and home décor.  Enjoy the full market experience while you mingle with friends, fellowship with your neighbors, and see what his community has to offer!

Local Foods & Entertainment
  • Farm Fresh Produce Featured Weekly

  • Delicious Prepared Fresh Foods Available Weekly

  • Organic, Local Vegetables, Grass Fed Meats and More

  • Weekly Featured Music Acts

  • Children's Arts, Crafts & Entertainment

  • Educational Lecturers & Food Experts

Become A Vendor
  • Local Produce & Livestock Farms

  • Handcrafted Artisan Products

  • Prepared Foods & Local Restaurants