Passionate About Local

Shoreline Green Markets are local arts and agriculture centric events built around communities with passion and drive for all things local.  We are dedicated to presenting the best of what each local area has to offer, while educating and inspiring people to learn more about healthy and organic foods and handmade artisan crafts.

At Shoreline Green Markets we’re passionate about connecting each piece of the local food system in a way that fosters good will and creates unique opportunities for members to come together and enjoy healthy foods, while interacting with one another.  We believe that your vegetables, your meats, your jams and jellies, will all taste better when you meet the folks responsible for making them. 

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Shoreline Green Markets Founder and Market Manager, Hector V. Herrera has been involved in the Green Market industry for over 5 Years. He has a passion for helping local farmers and artists, present and market their goods and services to the communities they serve. Having owned and operated Farm Markets in other states, Hector is committed to creating vibrant and thriving Green Markets in his home state of Florida. Shoreline Green Markets was founded on the idea that "Great Good Food Starts Local". 


The Mission of Shoreline Green Markets is to build healthy sustainable community centers where members and visitors can enjoy the local, sustainable and organic food offerings from across our Palm Beach County and the State of Florida.


To be a model food industry leader, known for bringing people together, educating them about local arts and agriculture, and empowering them to make healthy food choices, while helping sustain and grow the local economy.

Hector V. Herrera